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Beautiful and white teeth!

Flaunt a beautifully white smile! Your [Ccity] dentist truly grasps that discolored teeth can affect more than just your grin. Discover our custom trays, in-office professional whitening, and whitening kits, all designed to fulfill your teeth-whitening desires.

Life event around the corner?

Whether it’s a wedding or a reunion, whiter teeth are your ticket to a youthful appearance without the hassle. Trust us, we’ve got your back!

No sensitivity!

Professionally whiten your teeth at Today Dental of Flower Mound the right way – no sensitivity! Say goodbye to post-op sensitivity with our multiple choices, and receive complimentary desensitizing gel for added comfort.

Inexpensive teeth whitening

Reveal cost-effective teeth whitening at your Flower Mound dentist without compromising on quality and results. We’ve kept expenses down, empowering you to receive the smile you’ve always wanted.

Experience Free Whitening 4 Life

Come get your teeth whitened for free! At your visit, we’ll provide personalized whitening trays and whitening gel. Plus, score a free tube of whitening gel each time you attend a cleaning!

Gentle compassionate approach

Find yourself in compassionate dental care at Today Dental of Flower Mound. More than just achieving white smiles, we focus on establishing enduring connections with our patients.

Beautiful White Smiles


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Asvini P.

Went there today for an emergency visit .Got the same day appointment which was very convenient. Dr.Kim was very good and explained everything very well. All the staffs are very friendly and helpful. Will definitely recommend this clinic.

Alfonso G.

Really great service. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I just moved to the area and I am glad I found a new dentist.

Kristina J.

The staff at this location are exceptional in every way! Visiting the dentist is rarely fun but they make it fun and always make me and my entire family feel so comfortable! I highly recommend Today Dental to everyone!

Joyce G.

Accommodating as to schedule, personable as to style of patient engagement, responsive as to questions and concerns, and talented and competent as to current application of best practices. A delight overall.

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FREE Teeth Whitening

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm curious about the timeframe.

Consider professional whitening (Zoom/Boost) for a quicker and more effective solution. It takes about an hour and uses stronger gels with light activation, unlike take-home kits.

Considering I have veneers and crowns, are there any limitations to this whitening process?

Although whitening won't affect veneers or crowns, your smile goals are within reach! Your Today Dental of Flower Mound dentist can explore alternative solutions.

I'm interested in the cost of this service.

Enjoy free teeth whitening! Today Dental of Flower Mound offers complimentary teeth whitening kits, including custom trays, gel, and a case, to all our patients. We'll happily replace lost trays and refill your gel free of

Is teeth whitening something I should explore?

Whiten with confidence, but with the right information! We encourage bright smiles at Today Dental, but we also prioritize responsible whitening. We assess various factors like your teeth's current condition, oral health, and desired outcome to determine suitability. Generally, whitening works well for stains caused by age, food/drinks, and smoking, but it may not be recommended for untreated cavities, gum disease, or other dental issues. Remember, overuse or improper use of whitening products can lead to sensitivity and complications, so always seek professional guidance.

I'm curious if I'm old enough for teeth whitening.

Thinking of whitening? Wait a bit! Teeth whitening is typically not recommended for individuals under 16 at Today Dental. This is because their teeth are still developing and more sensitive. We can help you decide if waiting is best or explore alternative options for a brighter smile in the future.