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Your Flower Mound Dentist

Orthodontists who get you!

At Today Dental in Flower Mound our expert orthodontists aren’t just professionals – they’re parents too. They’ve navigated the world of braces and Invisalign with their own kids, bringing a special touch to your journey.

Affordable treatment

Don’t let cost be a barrier to your dream smile! Today Dental in Flower Mound offers affordable braces or Invisalign. Experience low down payments and flexible payment plans, making your smile transformation stress-free.

Smile with Invisalign

Experience the wonders of Invisalign – the nearly invisible choice for straightening teeth! With Invisalign certification and over 600 successful cases, we’re your go-to experts for a beautiful, discreet smile.

Optimal orthodontic care

Choose excellence with our board-certified orthodontist. We utilize top-quality, proven orthodontic materials to ensure beautiful lasting success.

One office that does it all

Simplify your dental visits! Enjoy family dentistry, implants, dentures, and orthodontics all in one spot. Opt for Invisalign or braces confidently from our board-certified orthodontist.

Ageless orthodontic treatment

Your Flower Mound orthodontist believes in the power of a confident smile, no matter your age. Transform your smile with Invisalign or braces, and watch your grin go from subtle to ear-to-ear!

Perfect Smile, Perfect You!


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Asvini P.

Went there today for an emergency visit .Got the same day appointment which was very convenient. Dr.Kim was very good and explained everything very well. All the staffs are very friendly and helpful. Will definitely recommend this clinic.

Alfonso G.

Really great service. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I just moved to the area and I am glad I found a new dentist.

Kristina J.

The staff at this location are exceptional in every way! Visiting the dentist is rarely fun but they make it fun and always make me and my entire family feel so comfortable! I highly recommend Today Dental to everyone!

Joyce G.

Accommodating as to schedule, personable as to style of patient engagement, responsive as to questions and concerns, and talented and competent as to current application of best practices. A delight overall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to transform my smile at Today Dental of Flower Mound?

The path to your perfect smile is as unique as a snowflake! Factors like tooth spacing, jawbone structure, and age all influence treatment duration. Minor corrections can be achieved swiftly, with options like Invisalign Express 10 taking as little as 5 months. However, complex cases may require up to 3 years. Feeling a little hesitant about the time commitment? At Today Dental, we offer free consultations to discuss treatment options and create a personalized roadmap tailored just for you. Embark on your smile transformation today!

What's the financial impact of orthodontics?

Naturally, costs depend on the time needed to achieve a stellar smile. Shorter treatment plans are generally easier on the wallet. On average, traditional braces typically range from $3,500 to $6,000. Minor adjustments can even be as low as $1,600. Concerned about fitting orthodontics into your budget? We understand braces and Invisalign can be a significant financial hurdle. That's why Today Dental offers flexible payment plans to suit your needs, including low down payments and extended plans (18-36 months).

What will happen during my initial consultation with an orthodontist?

Intrigued about what happens at your first appointment? During your 1-1.5 hour visit, we prioritize your comfort and clear communication. We'll take a special X-ray (Cephalogram) to map your unique jawbone structure. Our board-certified orthodontist will then conduct a thorough examination and develop a personalized treatment plan designed to achieve your desired smile goals. This plan will incorporate your preferred methods (traditional braces or clear aligners), costs, and estimated timeframe. Don't be shy about asking any questions you may have! In most cases, we can even get you started with treatment on the same day!

Should I choose braces or clear aligners?

Both traditional braces (metal brackets and wires) and clear aligners (like Invisalign) effectively straighten teeth and correct bite issues, but they cater to different preferences. Clear aligners offer a more discreet appearance, making them popular for adults seeking a less noticeable treatment. However, clear aligners can be more prone to staining and often carry a higher price tag. Traditional braces are known for their durability and effectiveness in treating complex cases, often at a lower cost. While less aesthetically pleasing, discomfort with traditional braces is usually manageable. Schedule a free consultation to discuss which option best aligns with your unique needs and lifestyle!

Can I switch to a Today Dental of Flower Mound orthodontist in the middle of my treatment?

Absolutely! Life throws curveballs, and we understand. We're committed to helping you achieve your smile goals regardless of your current treatment stage. Our team at Today Dental of Flower Mound welcomes patients at any point in their orthodontic journey, whether you're just starting out or nearing completion. Schedule a free consultation to discuss your options and ensure a smooth transition in your orthodontic care.