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Gently wisdom teeth removal

At Today Dental in Flower Mound, we’ve perfected the art of simple wisdom teeth removal. Our streamlined process minimizes post-operative pain and swelling, utilizing advanced technology and pharmaceutical drugs for a seamless outpatient appointment.

Quality dentistry at a fair price

Affordable wisdom tooth removal is our priority at Today Dental in Flower Mound. Our all-inclusive treatment plans are straightforward with no hidden fees.

Comfort with IV sedation

Wisdom teeth removal worries? Not here! Opt for anxiety-free extractions with options like IV sedation (ideal for wisdom teeth removal), oral conscious sedation, or laughing gas sedation.

Act now – same-day appointments!

We value your time and recognize the urgency of tooth pain. Opt for our same-day appointments to take action today, get immediate relief, and address those pesky wisdom teeth.

No more painful appointments

Relax during wisdom teeth removal by your Flower Mound dentist. Our dedication to catering to dental fears ensures a pain-free experience, making you feel right at home.

Experience dentist and team!

The team of dentists at Today Dental in Flower Mound boasts years with wisdom teeth removal expertise and a team available to provide IV sedation. Trust the professionals for a safe and comfortable experience.

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Asvini P.

Went there today for an emergency visit .Got the same day appointment which was very convenient. Dr.Kim was very good and explained everything very well. All the staffs are very friendly and helpful. Will definitely recommend this clinic.

Alfonso G.

Really great service. Everyone was super friendly and helpful. I just moved to the area and I am glad I found a new dentist.

Kristina J.

The staff at this location are exceptional in every way! Visiting the dentist is rarely fun but they make it fun and always make me and my entire family feel so comfortable! I highly recommend Today Dental to everyone!

Joyce G.

Accommodating as to schedule, personable as to style of patient engagement, responsive as to questions and concerns, and talented and competent as to current application of best practices. A delight overall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does wisdom teeth removal typically take?

The duration of wisdom teeth removal varies depending on several factors, including the number of teeth involved, their position in the jaw (erupted, partially impacted, or fully impacted), and unforeseen complications. Typically, a straightforward removal of four wisdom teeth at Today Dental takes about 30 minutes, excluding pre- and post-operative procedures. However, impacted or horizontally positioned teeth may require a more complex procedure, leading to a longer duration.

What is the average cost of wisdom teeth removal?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal can vary significantly due to factors like the complexity of the procedure, type of anesthesia used, and location of the teeth. Impacted or horizontally positioned teeth often require specialized techniques, impacting the cost. Additionally, IV sedation generally costs more than local anesthesia. At Today Dental, the average cost for four wisdom teeth extractions with IV sedation ranges from $1,400 to $2,400. We recommend scheduling a free consultation for a personalized and transparent cost estimate.

What happens during my initial consultation?

During your initial visit, we’ll thoroughly review your medical history and discuss the wisdom teeth removal process in detail. We’ll take x-rays to assess your teeth and create a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will outline the cost, timeline, and steps involved in the procedure. We encourage you to ask any questions you may have to ensure you feel informed and comfortable with the process.

What to expect after wisdom teeth removal?

It's normal to experience swelling and mild discomfort for 5-7 days after the procedure. You’ll likely receive pain medication to manage the discomfort. Applying an ice pack to your face can help reduce swelling, and initial bleeding can be controlled with gauze pads. At Today Dental, we often administer medications through your IV during the procedure to address post-operative swelling and pain. We'll also provide detailed instructions on post-operative care, including dietary adjustments, proper oral hygiene practices, and follow-up appointments to monitor your healing and address any concerns. Remember to start with soft foods and liquids initially, transitioning back to your regular diet as healing progresses.

Should I get my wisdom teeth removed?

The decision to remove wisdom teeth depends on several factors and is usually made after a thorough examination by your dentist. Wisdom teeth may need removal if they cause problems like impaction, crowding, pain or discomfort, infection, or damage to nearby teeth. Even if they aren't causing immediate issues, your dentist may recommend removal to prevent potential future complications. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to discuss your specific situation and determine the best course of action for your wisdom teeth.